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Handmade Soaps
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Experience pure vegetable oil
soaps made the old-fashioned
way to sooth sensitive and dry
skin. Each bar is 3.2 - 4.8 oz.
Unlike commercial soaps in
which all the glycerine is
extracted, our soaps are made
from nutrient-rich soy-free
vegetable oils and maintain all
the glycerine created during the
reaction process. Glycerine is
the gentlest of skin cleansers.
In addition, our soaps are
completely dye and fragrance
free and perfect for those with
allergies and those wanting to
avoid cancer-causing synthetic
compounds. Choose from 100%
Olive Oil (sensitive skin),
Olive-Coconut Oil (sensitive-dry)
Olive-Hemp Oil (sensitive+nutrients).
All our soaps have been cured a full
four+ weeks to ensure gentleness.
Turtlecreek Hand-Made Soaps make
great stocking stuffers, too.
Made in USA
97 sold since Jun'08

$14.99 + 5.95 USPS

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Ozonated Olive Oil Deodorant
& Skin Treatment
(1 fl oz Roll-On)
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All-natural cold first pressed olive oil saturated with ozone from ambient air. THE MOST EFFECTIVE and CLEANEST underarm deodorant and skin treatment ever made. Cool clean feeling with a spicy olive-ozone scent.
No aluminum zirconium and aluminum chlorhydrate, no harmful synthetic chemicals, no added fragrance. KILLS BACTERIA on and under the skin in seconds. Use on insect bites, scratches and minor abrasions. Perfect alternative to synthetic antibiotics. One application can last two days. One roll-on lasts four-six months. Buy a bottle for each member of your family. Add a 3-bar pack of Turtlecreek soap to your OOO purchase to pamper your body and never have dry cracked skin again.
Made in USA
257 sold since Apr'09

$12.99 + 4.95 USPS

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